Commercial Solar

With our proprietary system design, you can maximize your solar energy production while still having access for roof maintenance.

Offset your increasing utility & payroll expenses

Your business’ operational costs continue to rise now and in the near future. How will you keep your prices competitive and under your control and while making a profit?

The best answer is commercial solar with battery storage. Lowering your energy bill can make all the difference to your bottom line — and potentially save you millions in operational costs for decades to come.

Operational expenses are going up:

More expensive utilities: Utility companies are changing their rate schedules to time-of-use charges, so electricity will be more expensive between the peak use hours of 4pm and 9pm. That directly increases the theaters operating expenses.

More expensive payroll: Minimum wage is increasing to$15 per hour and by 2023 all areas in California will be at that hourly rate, increasing your payroll cost considerably.

More expensive overhead: Regulatory changes related to  California Title 24 energy requirements may add to increasing costs to force buildings to be more energy efficient.

Commercial solar and battery energy storage can offset much of these expenses and more. By generating and storing your own electrical energy, you lower your operational expenses — and decrease your dependence on the utility.

Ready to lower your utility bill?

The solar tax credit is decreasing from 30% to 26% in January 2020.
If you want to really maximize your savings, the time for action is now.


Maximize Your Energy Production

our unique system design

At Aeterna Energy, we’re solar design engineers that are deeply invested in developing the best system for your business and roof. Our proprietary solar design allows us to fit the optimal amount of solar modules to generate the most power. Typically, our solution enables our customers to produce 30% more power than other solar system designs.

You will usually see ROI on your commercial solar energy system within the first 5-6 years after installation; along with the potential for millions in additional revenue over the following 15 year period.

Here’s what makes our commercial solar services so unique:

Proprietary solar design: With our unique solar designs, you always have access to your roof below the modules, which can save you thousands of dollars if your old roof needs repairs or replacement.

Maximum production: Our unique design typically increases energy production by 30%. We ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Commercial solar battery storage: We are one of the only installers experienced in implementing solar battery storage systems for commercial use, helping maximize your savings by storing energy for use during peak hours.

Ongoing monitoring and reporting: We continually check to see if your system is performing as it should, and provide service to optimize each component of your system. From modules, to inverters, to energy storage systems, we ensure optimal performance and savings.

Savings beyond solar: Experienced in all-around energy savings, we make recommendations to decrease your utility expenses by using other methods such as installing LED lights, updating old A/C units, and upgrading to energy-efficient windows and doors.
Our goal is to make sure we can bring your energy bill as close to zero as possible. Using our solar expertise coupled with our experience working in the commercial space we help you maximize your savings so you can offset your operations costs.

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