Solar Battery Storage

Maximize your solar savings by storing the energy for later use

Are Wildfires The New Normal?

Face Planned Power Outages With Solar Battery Storage

PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E are turning off power to hundreds of thousands of residents prevent wildfires in California. Don't be left in the dark and out of touch. Retain your right to be green with solar battery storage and avoid the buzz that comes with generators.

Learn how you can make your business or large home independent of the grid as California faces this new normal.

Solar Battery Storage Vs. Generators

Solar modules produce power during the daylight hours.

Solar with battery storage allows you to store power generated in the daytime and use it at night when your ever-increasing electricity rates continue to be more expensive.

Energy costs are on the rise

reduce your expenses with Solar Battery Storage

If you don’t have energy storage with a commercial solar power system, you must use the utility grid to store your excess solar generation under the Net Energy Metering rule 2.0. When you need the additional electrical power from the grid, you will pay to bank that energy, or you could have stored the energy onsite.

With energy storage installed at your location, you do not lose the value of your extra solar generation and instead store it in the batteries. You control when it is used.

Battery energy storage systems will maximize your investment in your commercial solar power system — it saves you more money!

How much can you save?

Invest in solar with battery storage and have full control of the extra energy your solar power system generates.

Quick facts

effectively manage your operational expenses

As a business owner or operations manager, you’re in touch with the impact of your operational expenses.
However, your bottom line is about to take an even bigger hit.

Utility Companies Are Increasing Their Time-of-Use Costs

Now, the most expensive period for energy consumption will be between 4pm and 9pm, increasing this operational cost impact up to an added 10% on your utility bill.

Minimum Wage Has Increased to $15/Hr in Many Areas

By 2023, the minimum wage will increase to $15 an hour in all areas of California. This means that for many businesses, the lower wage staffing costs will almost double, causing  profit margins to shrink.

Step by Step

How Battery Storage Works

We use the highest quality energy storage technology, designed specifically for commercial and large residential use. With our experience installing solar battery storage systems on a large scale, we’re able to implement complex control strategies that maximize the energy your solar system produces.

Your solar arrays produce energy during the day, typically the most between the hours of 11am and 3pm.
Your solar modules fully charge the battery storage system early each day.
After your energy storage batteries are full, excess solar generation is first used in your building.
Any additional solar energy is then stored on the utility grid for later use.
When the energy from your battery storage is fully utilized, your building can then pull the additional generated power you banked earlier on the utility grid. That is net metering.
Maximum savings can be achieved on  your electric bill by using a combination of solar and battery storage working as a complete system.
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The Mary Pickford Theater saved  $230,000

Integrating solar and energy storage on your commercial building is a complex process where very few solar installers have experience. In fact, we helped one of our clients save  $230,000 in their first year alone.

Aeterna Energy is one of the first organizations in the country with the experience and expertise to integrate solar and energy storage in the nation's first and largest privately owned commercial property.

The Mary Pickford theater is a 14 plex movie theater now powered by a 620kW solar array and a 1 megawatt energy storage container.

See Our Work in Action
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