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October 28, 2019

Mary Pickford Theatre Wins 2019 Oasis Award for Advanced Sustainability

Aeterna Energy is proud to help the theater create a sustainable experience for visitors, while expertly managing operational expenses with a custom commercial solar and energy storage unit.

Aeterna Energy is thrilled to announce that the Mary Pickford Theatre won a 2019 Oasis Award for Recognition of Sustainability. The award is given to local businesses that make a concerted effort to create positive impacts for visitors. The theater is a state-of-the-art facility in Cathedral City, California, with 14 screens that entertain thousands of visitors each week.

Creating an attractive experience for customers is paramount for the theater, and Aeterna Energy was instrumental in helping the theater keep ticket prices at a competitive level by curbing its operational expenses.  

Increasing payroll costs and changing TOU expenses were affecting the theater’s profitability. That’s why they set out to partner with Aeterna Energy to reduce their monthly energy bill — and long-term expenses — with a commercial solar and energy storage unit. 

“Aeterna Energy installed a 620-kW roof-mounted solar system with 1000 kW/hour of battery storage, which was the first of its kind in the country,” says Ronald Harris, CEO of Aeterna Energy. “We took lowering their energy expenses one step further by installing high-efficiency A/C units, tinted windows and lights to ensure their energy usage was at a minimum.”

Mary Pickford Theatre Wins 2019 Oasis Award for Experiences

As a result, the Mary Pickford Theater was able to save $179,307 on their energy bill in the first year alone. “Using predictive financial modeling software, we can see that the theater will save close to $5 million during the course of 21 years,” says Harris.

With Aeterna Energy’s unique energy producing and storage system, the theater is almost fully independent from the utility grid during operating hours. This enables them to effectively manage their operating expenses and increase their profitability without having to pass the costs onto their customers.

The commercial solar and energy storage system not only improves the overall customer experience by keeping operating expenses low, but it also provides sustainable energy without any adverse effects. Learn more about Aeterna Energy’s work with The Mary Pickford Theatre.

For more information on Aeterna Energy’s services, contact Ronald Harris at (805) 823-3232 or click here to send him a message.

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